Light of my life

As you’re planning your reception, have lots of candles, at least double what is everywhere else, near the couple. We’ll use artificial light once the sun sets, but candles or café lights helps us to get really glowy and natural reception shots of the couple.

Practice bustling your dress!! We had a wedding where a bride didn’t know how to bustle, so her mom CUT the train from her dress, which took an extra 40 minutes and caused the wedding to run late. Designate a bridesmaid to learn how to bustle!!

Bustle it girl!

Where’s the stage?

Coordinate with us beforehand for where the speeches at the reception should be made. This is an element is often overlooked by coordinators and couples. Designate where the speeches should be made (and against what backdrop) and let whoever is speaking know beforehand.

Something borrowed, something blue, something special just for  you

If you’re planning on surprising your partner or families with a song, hula, fire dancers or ANYTHING else don’t keep you vendors out of the loop! Including the wedding planner, photographer and emcee on any plans you have is a MUST. That way, we’ll be in the right place to capture the moment, and the surprise will go off without a hitch.

Last call

We’ve found that most couples don’t require a photographer until the end of the night. After a while, all the dancing photos start to look the same, and you don’t really need pictures of your friends' drunken shenanigans.  The exception? If you’re planning a grand exit such sparklers or fireworks, we should definitely stay to capture the moment.

Can we party?

Weddings are SO MUCH FUN, but we don’t often have time to dance alongside you. If you want us to stay and party it up after we’re off the clock please let us know.