Clean Spaces + Lots of Light = BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS

Please keep in mind that while we’ll capture all your special moments, the photos will ultimately only be as good as the venue. We encourage you to choose a space with lots of natural light and a neutral background. Many couples we’ve worked with have rented Airbnb’s close to the venue that offers multiple areas for the bridal party to get ready.

Designate one corner of the getting ready room (or a closet if possible) as a place to store bags. Kelsi will typically tidy up the bridal suite once we arrive, but making sure everyone’s things aren’t spilling out in the background of the photos is super helpful. Alternatively, you can designate a few people in the bridal party to make sure things stay tidy. We love BIG mirrors, staircases, grand beds and LOTS of natural light.

Keep it tidy


Schedule time to take boudoir photos! We only need an extra 30-40 minutes and this extra time will allow you to decompress and feel your most sexy before the ceremony. Little black books are GREAT wedding present for your partner that can be delivered before you’re back from your honeymoon. We also offer black and white film or cinematography boudoir add-ons.

Fake it

Even if your hair and makeup is done when we arrive we can still fake some makeup pictures with a brush or lipstick (so have this handy nearby!). 

It really is all in the details

Upon arrival, we’ll first take pictures of all the small details that help tell a story of your wedding day. We love ring shots and will take pictures of any other items you’ve incorporated into your wedding. If you have these elements all in the same place and ready for us it will save a lot of time!

Elements to have ready for us

All accessories: har pieces, veil, cufflinks, tie or bow ties, pocket squares, rings, ring boxes, flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, dress hanger, lingerie, shoes, jewelry, boutonniere, bouquets, leis, vow books, haku’s, an invitation suite or any other accessories you may want pictures of.

We realize this seems like a long list and most couples don’t have these many items. Many of these elements can be purchased (for pretty cheap) on Etsy and will elevate the photos and add to the personal style of your wedding by incorporating them. Whether you’re a surfer or have a special blanket from your last trip abroad adding accessories to the photos can make them all the more special. If you’re unsure about ideas just ask us beforehand!

We’re always looking for creative ways to photograph wedding rings, so having a beautiful box to carry your ring in is a must. Etsy is an excellent source for custom boxes. Don’t have one? No worries, we’ll find creative ways to display your rings with found items.

Can we interest you in accessories for your accessories?

To whom

Keep a full invitation suite! You put a lot of time into choosing all the details of your wedding day and the save the date or invitation was the first element of your wedding guests saw. Having a flat lay picture of your invitation with your rings or flowers helps to tell the story of your wedding day and makes for some GORGEOUS photos.

Write a love letter to your partner before the ceremony! This heartfelt moment is one of our favorites to capture and makes a GREAT keepsake. We’ve seen notes as short and sweet as “I can’t wait to marry you” to entire books comprised of love letters. Some couples have also written notes on the bottom of shoes or opted to exchange gifts before the ceremony.

Love notes

We’re personally planning on a first look before our ceremony. We’ll guide you into place while you dazzle your sweetheart with a first look. This is a GREAT photo opportunity and lets you have a private moment together before everyone’s eyes are on you during the ceremony.

First Look


Some couples opt to still talk (but not see each other!) before the ceremony. Whether you’re using a blindfold or on opposite side of a door, this option allows you to communicate or exchange gifts before the ceremony while still keeping with tradition.

First touch

Prayers & Stories

If you’re a religious couple ask someone in each bridal party to prepare a short prayer before the ceremony. This is a priceless moment you get to share with your closest friends. If you’re not religious, ask your friends to share a story of your friendship (we’ll stage the rest!).

If the groom is wearing his late grandfather's watch or you two, want to take solo portraits on a beautiful staircase somewhere on the property, give us a heads up. This will help us plan ahead and allow extra time for any special requests.

Talk to us!