Our Story

Aloha! We’re Patrick and Kelsi and we’re STOKED that you’re here! As die-hard adventurers, we love to capture raw emotional moments in unforgettable places. Patrick has been taking photos for over ten years, so three years ago we decided to take his hobby (and our passion) and turn it into this humble little business. When you hire us we aren’t just creating photos, but memories that will last for generations to come.

We are…

best friends, adventurers, scientists, sunshine chasers, craft brew lovers, ocean conservationists, and hubby and wifey!


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As the primary photographer, I spend most of my time behind the lens, running around on-site to capture the magic told by light and angles. A perfectionist for the small details in every shot, I use light and darkness to create ethereal moods, combined with the power of natural settings to create my images. I am also a marine biologist, pursuing a PhD in coral reef conservation ecology (link to my website here).

As an avid climber, adventurer, and diver, I can capture unique moments, from among the island's highest peaks to deep beneath the ocean waves. As a believer in a minimalist approach to post-processing each image is crafted from the start to require as little retouching and editing as possible. View some of our favorite before and afters in the gallery below.

Patrick's favorite aspect of photography: "I love how expressive photography can be. From behind the lens, one is capable of composing, creating, and rebuilding an entire mood or emotion. We do so much more than take pictures, and this way, when looking back through the photos, our minds connect much more strongly to those memories."

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I wear my heart on my sleeve, am a huge romantic, and LOVE our little business. I run pretty much every other aspect of Eternal Tides Photography, and am also second shooter (and the primary videographer). Behind the scenes I help direct to make sure we capture candid moments.

Outside of photography I also run a company with my BFF ( I have a huge passion for the ocean and environment and love living on this little island we get to call home.

Kelsi's favorite aspect of photography: "As a little girl I loved to look through old photographs of my parents and grandparents when they were younger (we're talking original black and white film!). I loved seeing their younger selves that I never had the opportunity to know. To this day those photos are one of my greatest possessions. Photographs have the ability to capture a personality of emotion for us to look back on. Each photograph is unique and once digitized, can last forever. It's truly an honor to photograph these special moments."